The Study of Economical Justification of Sea Cucumber Nurturing in Chabahar Bay Zone

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Scientific Council of Chabahar Maritime University (Basic Sciences Group), Chabahar Maritime University

2 Marine Biology M. A Student of Chabahar Maritime University (Basic Sciences Group)


Nowadays aquatic with its high food value could attain a suitable place in family food shopping. Sea Cucumber is one of the important nurturing aquatic in the sea. These animals are nurturing in several countries such as India, Indonesia, Japan, Italy, and the United States because of having a high percentage of protein, Condroetin sulfate, Glycoside Saponin and also lacking of cholesterol. Unfortunately, there has not yet been regarded any considerable attention to these species of echinoderms in our country. This project considered many factors which are necessary for the nurturing of the Sea Cucumber. These factors include the place of farm, the time of nurturing, the amount of feeding, different types of Sea Cucumber nurturing methods, and estimating of costs. Stichopus Varigatus and Holothuria Leucospilota Sea Cucumbers have a high food and economic values. They are extensively found in Chabahar zone. There are several factors such as the extensive distribution of the mentioned species, their rather easy nurturing, fast growth in high distribution, and food consumption share with a low-cost make a qualified and good place for nurturing of this aquatic animal. Many attempts have been done in this study to fully operationally investigate the Sea Cucumber nurturing project in a farm of its nurturing in our honorable country in general and in Chabahar zone in particular. The results of the study demonstrate that the pay-back time in current project is one year and two months with a return rate of 75 percents which is totally economical.