Destructive effects of small-scale shrimp trawl fisheries on by-catch fish assemblage in Hormozgan coastal waters

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Associat Professor, Fisheries Department, Gorgan Universitu of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources, Iran

2 PhD, Fisheries Department, Faculty of Marine Science and Technology, Hormozgan University, Iran

3 PhD., Fisheries Department, Faculty of Marine Science and Technology, Hormozgan University, Iran

4 Associated Professor, Marine Biology Department, Faculty of Science, Hormozgan University, Iran


The aim of present study was to determine by-catch composition and contribution of non-standard fish
in small-scale shrimp trawl fisheries in Hormozgan coastal waters. Sampling was performed in 2012
shrimp fishing season by 3 small-scale vessels. At the end of 38 hauls, the samples contained 82
species: 53 teleost taxa contributing 71.8% of the total biomass, 6 elasmobranchs taxa (15.5% of
biomass) and 6 species of invertebrates (12.7% of biomass). Also contribution of teleost,
elasmobranch and invertebrate species was 85.5%, 0.48% and 14.02% from total catch numerically.
Small discard species, large discard fishes, commercial species and shrimp consisted 45.17% (59.34%
of total catch number), 27.84% (1.16% of total catch number), 14.5% (2.53% of total catch number)
and 12.49% (36.97% of total catch number) from total by-catch weight respectively. The highest
Biomass and number of by-catch belonged to small discard fishes with 4329.02 tonnes and
4923244number respectively. On average By-catch-to-shrimp ratio was estimated 6.18:1. Length data
analysis indicated that whole caught specimens of P. argenteus, P. niger, S. commerson, C.
dussumieri, C. nudus, O. ruber, S. forsteri and T. lepturus had a non-standard size for fishing.


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