Volume & Issue: Volume 67, Issue 1, May 2014, Pages 1-147 
Heavy Metal Content in Muscles of the Indian White Shrimp (Fennerpenaeus indicus)

Pages 13-24

Hadi Poorbagher; Seyed Vali Hosseini; Nematollah Khorasani; Seyed Mehdi Hosseini; Parisa Delfieh

Molecular and pathological identification of Lactococcusgarvieae isolated from cultured rainbow trout in Ilam

Pages 25-37

Saeedeh Heidarinejad; Negin Salamat; Fazel Pourhmad; Ahmad Savari; Bita Archangi

Estimation of density of trout in fish farm using image-processing technique

Pages 49-59

Javad Zabihi; Seyed Mehdi Nassiri; Abdolabbas Jafari