Volume & Issue: Volume 76, Issue 3, September 2023, Pages 341-523 
Extracting Glycosaminoglycan compounds from Sepia pharaonis Squid’s tentacles and Examining their Antithrombotic Property of these compounds

Pages 397-407

Sahar Shabani Panbeh Choleh; Sabar Khodabandeh; Mahdyeh Tahmasbi; Shahla Hemmati; Maryam Hamedi

Water monitoring of the reservoir behind the Boostan dam using the Palmer index

Pages 455-471

Fatemeh Abbasi; Taher Poursoufi; Abdol-Azim Fazel; Behrooz Mansouri; Hossein Piri; Bairam Mohammad Gharanjik

The participation status of recreational Anglers in Tehran fishing clubs

Pages 513-523

Fatemeh Boroujli; Saeid Gorgin; Paria Houshmand; Mostafa Boroujli